3 Aspects To Consider When You Are Ready To Make A Donation To A Cancer Charity


If you would like to honor the memory of a friend or family member by making a donation to a charity for the cancer they were afflicted with, doing so is an honorable and thoughtful gesture. However, there are several aspects to consider when doing so, given that there are so many worthy and cancer-specific charities in existence today. Therefore, before you write the check, it's best to consider the following information:

#1-Determine Whether Or Not The Institution In Question Is A Nonprofit

One of the more common errors that people make today is assuming that because an institution raises money or otherwise benefits a disease, that it is automatically a nonprofit charity. Unfortunately, that is not always true and that can mean that less of the money you donate goes directly to the benefit of those who need it most. Becoming a nonprofit agency or charity is complex and the process itself can be time-consuming, so in some instances, you might be working with a group that has started that work and not yet finished it.  

The good news is that you can verify the status of a nonprofit agency or charity by checking with the Internal Revenue Service. While some worthy charities are not classified as non-profits, that status is often seen as one of many indicators a responsible charitable institution.

#2-See What The Better Business Bureau Has To Say About The Cancer Charity

It is important to note that just as you might check with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, about a new business you might invest in or a store you might want to frequent, it's also quite helpful to determine what their information about a charity is. In that instance, you should plan to speak with their Wise Giving Department, where they can give you feedback on a variety of subjects.  For instance, you might find that they have been favorably impressed and can give a solid recommendation to a charity that has met or exceeded their standards for aspects such as accountability and effectiveness.

However, charities are not required to provide any or all of the information needed to make a determination. If that happens, you might not be able to get any new information or it could be incomplete, so additional research might be necessary, as shared next.  

#3-Find Out If The Goals Of The Charity Are Consistent With The Accepted Guidelines For The Illness

A third aspect to clarify before making a donation to a charity is associated with the goals of that charity. In general, while alternative therapies have been helpful in some situations, more money is aimed each year towards established therapies. As such, it is a good idea for you to be sure that if you want your money to go to a charity with goals consistent with existing and accepted therapies, that you verify how your money might be used. 

Alternatively, if you are a fan of non-traditional therapies, that would be your opportunity to make your feelings known.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of charities that valiantly work to fight cures for cancer and help those people currently fighting that disease. As a result, it's not always easy to choose the right charity to gift a sum of money to and therefore, the facts discussed above are likely to be quite useful when you are making that decision. 

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10 August 2017

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