Three Reasons To Join Your Church's Bible Study Group


If you're an avid churchgoer, you might attend the service every Sunday but be largely unaware of the other church meetings that take place throughout the week. Many churches have a variety of other meetings that are open to those in the congregation, including Bible study sessions. If you're interested in taking part in a Bible study group, contact the church member who oversees the group. It may meet once a week in the church or even in a private home, giving the attendees the chance to discuss specific Bible passages. Here are three reasons to join your local church's Bible study group:

A Deeper Understanding Of The Bible

Some people find that reading the Bible can be informative, but that certain passes may be difficult to follow. If you want to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible, attending Bible study can be the right choice for you. Bible study sessions give you the ability to focus on a passage at a time, breaking it down with your peers and discussing it at length. You may be someone who knows that answers to a lot of life's questions are found within the Bible's pages, but you need someone to help you access them. Bible study can be ideal in this scenario.

Relating The Bible To Your Life

Similarly, Bible study can be effective for relating passages in the Bible to your life. Understanding the Bible is ideal, but you'll get more value out of it when you're able to link its teachings to your everyday life. Many people take part in Bible study sessions as a way of making the Bible more relatable to their lives. For example, if you find that you lack humility, you may be pushing people away from you. Finding passages in the Bible about the value of being humble can encourage you to act more in this manner.

Meeting New Friends

Don't underestimate the social aspect of Bible study. While your focus is on reading and discussing the Bible, there's also a chance to talk with your peers before and after each session. Often, the group will have some sort of refreshments afterward, such as tea and cookies, which will allow everyone to get to know each other a little better. Whether you're new to the community or just new to the church and are looking to make some friends that share your faith, Bible study can help you to get there.


4 February 2019

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